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NEW: Walk your dog when you don't have time.

And offer him the opportunity to exercise, socialize and learn how to recall in complete safety.

If you are currently looking for a dog walker, you are in one of the following cases:

  • you don't have time to walk it yourself

  • you are afraid that he will attack other dogs

  • you can't make yourself heard

  • you don't enjoy rides with him

  • you can't take him for a walk in a park


Yet you know that walking your dog is important.

It must be spent outside (and not at home).

Being able to discover new smells.

And socialize with other dogs.

In order for your dog to find a balance and to be able to feel good in his paws, it is necessary that they are daily and for a minimum of 30 minutes a day (regardless of his breed).

But just walking your dog won't change it. His stubborn or aggressive behaviors will always be present (and they may get worse).


  We have noticed this in many of the dogs we have trained, which is why we decided to create...



A unique walking service to educate and socialize your dog ​​​

We have named this service the “Balades Éducatives” and we are the only ones to offer them in France.


Of course, you can always hire a dog walker. But it will only walk your dog, nothing more. He will not work on his socialization and even less on his education. He may even give him bad habits.



You can contact us today. A professional dog trainer will be on hand to understand your needs. He will know what and how to work on your dog's education during walks.

You don't have to scream in a park to get your dog to listen to you. No need to choose from hundreds of dog walkers either.


From now on, you can calmly go about your business and pick up your dog 2 hours later. He will have spent himself and the educator will have worked with him on recall as well as socialization.

Some video excerpts from Educational Walks 

Feedback from owners on Educational Walks


Sarah & Ragnar

"We are very satisfied with Florian's advice for our dog Ragnar, he is improving day by day. Very nice educational walk too. I recommend without hesitation!"


Xavier & Suzette

"Very useful and pleasant, I really saw the behavior of my dog change positively."


Daphne & Pims

"I called on Maela for our 18-month-old golden. Maela is available, attentive and responsive. I also had the chance to take an educational walk with Pims, Florian and Jeff. In one walk, Pims no longer pulls on a leash. And the recall is much more effective. I recommend the team with my eyes closed :)"

Here is what we offer you

40€ / week: 1 walk of 2 hours

80€ / week: 2 walks of 2 hours each

105€ / week: 3 walks of 2 hours each (save 15€)

140€ / week: 4 walks of 2 hours each (save 20€)

160€ / week: 5 walks of 2 hours each (save 40€)

The Best Offer

(1 Free Educational Walk)

But that's not all...

By contacting our canine educator team within 48 hours, you will also benefit from the following 3 Free Services:

Free Service #1: Behavioral Assessment (value 70€)

This report will allow you to receive personalized educational advice according to your situation. You will learn more about his needs and his way of life to start creating a harmonious relationship with him.

Free Service #2: Go and return to your home (value €30)

We take care of picking up your dog at your home and we bring him back to you after his walk. No need to move, you can go about your business freely and serenely.

Free Service #3: Photos and Videos by WhatsApp (value €10)  

You will receive photos and videos of your dog during each walk by WhatsApp from the educators.

Number of places limited to 10 dogs

Our Quality & Safety Guarantee 


We want to offer a quality and safe experience to dogs during Educational Walks.

This is why we allow ourselves the right to refuse certain dogs so as not to endanger others or himself.

The dog trainer with whom you will exchange will be able to give you an answer after the interview. Take advantage of the Behavioral Assessment Offered to take stock of his education.

During Educational Walks, your dog will be supervised by at least 2 professional and qualified trainers with several years of experience. It will therefore be completely safe to allow you to be serene when it is out for a ride.

Who are we to offer you this service?

We created My Pet Education to provide support and an amazing experience for dogs and their owners.


Our adventure began in 2020 when health restrictions were in place. We offered dog training courses on video to support dog owners.

Today, we offer lessons both video lessons but also at home thanks to the canine educators who have joined us.



Dog trainer at PetTalk since February 2021.



Dog trainer at PetTalk since February 2021.



Canine expert and customer relations 



Dog trainer at PetTalk since February 2021.



Dog trainer at PetTalk since February 2021.



Dog trainer at PetTalk since February 2021.


It was through discussions with our customers that we decided to offer a walking service. For 3 months now, we have been offering this service to a small group of people like you.

Here's what they think of their past education sessions with us:


Laura & Dasko

"In concrete terms, I arrived where I wanted to arrive with my dog. Florian gave us the right weapons and everything we needed to take good care of Dasko. I'm happier, because I don't I don't have those problems anymore (cleanliness and biting). And I think Dasko is already better in his head and better in his little paws."


Jeanne, Kilian & Lilo

"We come out of it with lots of good advice, we have confidence in our upbringing with Lilo, that's a big point. It made us work a lot on patience, on thinking what's best for her, more than what's best for us is really putting her in the best possible environment and helping her grow well, and I think that's taught us to be better handlers."


Anne & Socrates

"We learned a lot of things right away. What was particularly pleasant with Maela was her availability and her professionalism. She knows how to give a framework while being completely attentive and with great gentleness. achieved a lot of goals and I'm really happy with this experience."

A 3x more useful walk for your dog

This walk for your dog is an opportunity for him to exert himself while making him more obedient. We teach him the same things as in an education session.


So, of course, you could call on dog walkers… but they will only take care of walking it and will not work on recall or socialization.


Above all, understand that we have created this service so that you can have concrete and fast results. Many owners were in your situation, and we can guarantee you that it is those who take action who get results... especially if they have the opportunity to benefit from these Educational Walks to have a dog that returns to the callback.


So if you're serious about wanting your dog to listen to you on walks and don't want to waste your time reminding you, then grab this hand we're reaching out to you and take action.

Attention, this service being new it is possible that it will no longer be possible to book it tomorrow . If you want to call on professionals to work on your dog's obedience during his walks, click on the red button below to secure your place.

Caninement yours,

The My Pet Education Team

Number of places limited to 10 dogs

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