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Book your free behavioral assessment

We will study together the specific needs of your dog.

We invite you to click on the "Book" button to choose the time slot that suits you.

The stages of the free assessment

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Book a slot:

Our booking system allows you to book your
free appointment easily and quickly.

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D-Day :

A simple link received by email will allow you to join the meeting in less than a minute!

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Diagnostic :

​The video interview will allow our team to make an accurate diagnosis of the current situation.

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We can at this stage propose a suitable action plan and give you the first advice.

Le bilan c'est quoi ?

What is the Free Consultation?

Assessing your dog's behavior is an essential step in proposing an education plan for your companion. Your dog trainer has the skills to assess your dog, his lifestyle and his needs.

Set time to the educational work your dog needs to do.


During this free session, our team is there to understand your situation and help you improve it.
Therefore, evaluating dog behavior is an important step in establishing an appropriate education program.

This is the starting point of our cooperation.


The purpose of the report is:

- Analysis of the current situation between you and your dog.

- Gather information about your dog and your lifestyle.

- Determine your needs.
- You direct towards the various possible solutions.
- Provide you with an adapted action plan.
- You give the first suggestions


Results Guaranteed

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