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How to go on vacation with peace of mind without your puppy?

And seize the opportunity to find him even better educated

Limited places

We know your puppy is a new member of your family.

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to keep it for different reasons:

  • Your host does not accept pets

  • There's not enough room to accommodate it

  • The car journey worries you

  • Your destination is too far

  • Quarantine is required

There are still many other reasons. No matter what drives you to find someone for your dog, you need someone you can trust.

A trusted person to keep your puppy safe

Some sites offer custody by individuals.

But can you trust these strangers 100%?

Although they have positive reviews on their profiles, they could be giving your pooch bad habits .

Of course, this is just a guess.

What if you take advantage of the care of your puppy for a beneficial result ?

Keep your puppy serenely kept by professionals


I am Maela, a qualified dog behaviorist trainer at PetTalk.

PetTalk is first and foremost a community of dog lovers . Every day, this community grows as our In st a gram demonstrates . We warmly welcome the new doggies who join our big family .  PetTalk.

This summer, we are offering to keep your puppy in a suitable and secure place. Some members are already taking advantage of our service, but we want to continue to grow the PetTalk Community. We offer you the opportunity to join us! 

Teachers satisfied with our personalized services


Carine S.

"PetTalk is a real help and listens. The advice was really beneficial and I saw a real evolution in my dog. Really a real listening and good results"


Sophia V.

"We are very satisfied, Maela was able to listen to us and give us good advice. She is very available and we can see that she loves dogs and her job. We recommend 100%"

Brown Dog

Maud H.

"PetTalk is attentive, caring, professional and has allowed us to move forward in Padmé's education. Thank you PetTalk, we will continue to follow his advice. Professional, attentive, caring"


Limited time offer

We offer 2 solutions to choose from:

canine guard

We keep your puppy and take care of him while you are away.  

Leave with peace of mind, we take care of everything. Your puppy will feel at home and have our full attention.

Educational daycare

Just like dog daycare, we take care of your puppy as well as his education.  

Our positive training method is an approach that focuses on motivating the dog to ensure its physical, emotional and intellectual well-being.


Leader in France and Europe in personalized dog training

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