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Dog Walker au Parc

Join the PetTalk e-Club


A community of dog lovers

Because your dog is worth it

* Exclusive to PetTalk customers *

Because we are worth it

Because we are worth it

All Inclusive, 0 Constraint

Royal Canin


One month of Royal Canin feeding at home, free of charge easily and quickly .

Monthly follow-up


Continue your personalized follow-up during a monthly video session with your PetTalk dog trainer!

Walk + Talk


Benefit from one educational walk per month on Sundays
with our team!



Receive a monthly gift at home with our Petbox

What is the e-Club?

E-club Glod is a new exclusive * By Invitation Only * service for PetTalk customers. We provide our PetTalk customers with a way to continue their personalized dog training follow-up while providing enriching activities to the delight of each dog and his owner!

Conditioning and long term learning is the best way to build a mutually beneficial relationship!

At PetTalk, we build a community of responsible owners who enjoy living with their dogs in a healthy and balanced way. We have designed e-Club Gold to provide:

- The best possible food option in partnership with Royal Canin

- PetTalk analysis and follow- up with your dog trainer to follow and deepen the education process

- A unique activity, Walk & Talk: an educational walk once a month supervised by our team to allow you to enrich your knowledge, meet with masters and share it with our dogs!

-With e-Club Gold, you will also have a surprise every month at your doorstep!


Limited number of places!

Le bilan c'est quoi ?
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